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Did you know that if you organization process, stores and or transmits personal financial information or personal health information, you may be required to provide evidence that your organization is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements?

Within both of these mandates, specific requirements exist regarding how your organization responds to computer related incidents.

If you suspect that your organization may be subject to these regulations, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you have an incident response plan that:
    • Clearly defines roles and responsibilities in the event of an incident?
    • Contains specific response procedures for various incident event types?
    • Defines methods of interactions with other response procedures such as disaster recovery and business continuity?
    • Provide evidence that those responding to incidents understand legal ramifications?
  • Is your Incident Response Program tested to ensure effectiveness?
  • Can your incident response solution respond effectively on a 24/7 basis to alerts?
  • Does your Incident Response Program conduct training to all individuals who have a role in responding to incidents?
  • Can your incident response solution react to incidents from various ingress points, such as electronic monitoring devices, Human Resources Departments, Legal Departments, etc?
  • Does program provide a mechanism for improvement?
  • Is your response team properly trained evidence collection procedures?
  • Does your response team provide services to support e-discovery?
We at ACM offer the first comprehensive CSIRT Program combined with an Incident Management Tool build around the most technologically advanced infrastructure platform available today. Known as ProcessOne, the combined features represent the best of breed in the industry today.
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