NC Murthy
NC Murthy, Chairman & Chief Promoter

Riding high with over 20 years' of experience in the software services industry, Murthy has provided venture funding to quite a few companies, primarily in the technology sector. Murthy had founded a successful company, On-Line Resources, Inc. In the business of marketing, and recruitment of computer consultants and sales of computer programming consultancy services, On-Line Resources was ranked the 106th fastest growing company in the USA in the year 1996 (growth of over 2,000% in 5 years). It was also, ranked 12th in the State of Florida . Revenues were over USD 20 million in the fifth year of operations. The company was sold to Metamor Worldwide, a Houston based company in 1996. Murthy purchased an ERP-based software company, grew the revenues over 80% in two years and sold it to a large consulting company in October, 2004.

NC Nagarajan
NC Nagarajan, Managing Director

Nagarajan has extensive experience in business planning and execution as the prime mover and head at Inteq. He has been instrumental in building up Inteq in terms of number of clients, business domains, service range and resource strength. Nagarajan brings to Inteq two decades of experience in project management, manufacturing and materials management for an Aero Space major. Nagarajan holds a Masters Degree in Engineering.

Venkat Merla
Venkat Merla, Director - Business Development & Finance

Being a part of the startup team at Inteq, Venkat carries experience in business planning, business development, presales, relationship management with clients, project management, funds management, setting up of the processes and policies for internal controls, legal and secretarial matters. Previous stints as an ERP Consultant, involved implementation of projects in the Financials domain, with responsibility for delivery, quality and timelines. Venkat also has rich experience in maintaining the IT offshore outsourcing business models. His other areas of expertise include business planning & analysis and business process re-engineering. Venkat is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Chowdary Boddu
Chowdary Boddu, Director – Technology

Chowdary has combined his project management and business analysis expertise with his technical and domain knowledge to successfully architect, design and deliver information systems to clients around the globe. Academic programs and professional experience has lead him to acquire knowledge in the business domains of health care, insurance, travel and education and technical domains of Enterprise Systems, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence and Enterprise Application Integration. Chowdary holds Masters Degrees in Information Systems and Management Studies.

Hari L, Director – HR & Quality

Hari has been the chief architect of the Quality Systems at Inteq. As the Management Representative, he has been in the forefront of Inteq's ISO 9001 Quality certification success. Backed by a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and twenty years of experience in corporate planning, production and materials management with an Aerospace major, Hari brings to Inteq a rounded perspective to business growth and resource advancement.